Book For Proffesionals
Book For Proffesionals
Book For Public
Book For Public
  1. Over 30 publications including a chapter in API Textbook of Medicine (IV Ed) and another in  Manual of Rheumatology (IRA III Ed, IV Ed)
  2. Editor of book "Rheumatology In Primary Care" (Ed I, II) - National Book Depot, Mumbai 
  3. Osteiitis condensans ilii Pictorial CME J Assn Phy India 2010; 58:41
  4. 6 Case Reports in Rheumatology Principles and Practice (Jaypee Brs Publishers) 2009
  5. Lectures in 8 symposia and read research papers in four international conferences.
  6. Editor, PHRC Bulletin (Special Rheumatology Issue) Oct-Dec 2006, Poona Hospital & Research Centre, Pune
  7. Lectures for doctors, orthopedic surgeons and general public on rheumatologic issues (arthritis, joint pains, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis,gout, systemic lupus, pain management, etc)
  8. Chairperson for various scientific sessions
  9. Participation in Rheumatology Training Programs for family doctors,M.S. (Ortho) and D.N.B. (Medicine and Orthopedics) students.
  10. Organised Rheumatology training programs for family doctors

Marathi books for public awareness and patient education

  1. Sandhiwat- Vyayam Ani Yogasane (Translated in Hindi and English). Exercise and Yoga for Arthritis
  2. Sandhiwat- Aushadhe Ani Ahar-vihar (Translated in Hindi and English). Drugs, diet and life-style for Arthritis
  3. Sandhiwat- Majhe Anubhav. Stories of patients with Arthritis
  4. Sandhiwat (Padmagandha Prakashan)- Collection of various published articles on Arthritis
  5. Sandhiwatache Dukhane (KYA Foundation)- First book in Indian language containing comprehensive information on Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Publications in Lay Press and others:

  1. Osteoporosis Shariratala guptashatru (Marathi) Deerghayu 2005
  2. Osteoporosis ani Asthikshaya Madhujeevan
  3. Lead Poisoning due to Traditional (Ayurvedic) Medication, P. Mishra et al, Rubypulse, Aug 2006
  4. Sandhedukhi (Marathi) Deerghayu 2006
  5. Why this special Rheumatology issue? (Editorial) PHRC Bulletin Oct 2006
  6. Approach to Arthritis, PHRC Bulletin Oct 2006
  7. Samasya Sandhiwatachi (Marathi) Sakal Pune Oct 2006
  8. Laboratory investigations in arthritis, GPCON 2006 Souvenir
  9. Chikungunya and other viral arthritides, Rubypulse Feb 2007
  10. Rheumatology (Sandhivaatache Shashtra) Vedana aani Anand (Marathi) PHRC Bulletin Jan 2007
  11. Rheumatic Fever-Diagnosis and Management, PHRC Bulletin April 2007
  12. Shanghaichi Anter-rashtriya Lupus Parishad. Lokmat, 3 June 2007
  13. Lupus Congress- Shanghai. PHRC Bulletin, July 2007
  14. Sandhiwatasathi Sangeetopchar (Marathi) Lokmat October 2007
  15. Paraneoplastic Rheumatologic Syndromes, PHRC Bulletin, October 2007
  16. Tondche Pani Palawnara- Sjogren’s Syndrome, Sakal (Family Doctor) 25 January 2008
  17. Vedana ani Samvedana- PHRC Bulletin January 2008, Arogya Darpan Diwali 2008
  18. Mootrapind, Lupus ani Abetimus, Sakal (Family Doctor), March 2008
  19. Rheumatology- Ka ani Kontya ajaransathi - PHRC Bulletin, April 2008
  20. Samna Chikungunyachya Sandhiwatashi, Sakal (Family Doctor), June 2008
  21. Rheumatology Kashasathi (I and II), Sakal (Family Doctor), August 2008
  22. Sandhiwatache Prakar, Sakal (Family Doctor), October 2008
  23. Sujeche Sandhiwat Ani Bharatiya Vaidyak, Sakal (Family Doctor), October 2008
  24. Kadak Kambareche Dukhane, Sakal (Family Doctor), February 2009
  25. Majboot Hadansathi Soorya Prakash, Sakal(Family Doctor), March 2009
  26. Sandhivatacha Hatti, Loksatta, October 2009
  27. Pathiche Dukhne, AarogyaDarpan, Diwali 2009
  28. Gout – Vinchu Chawala Ho, PHRC Bulletin, April 2010


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